Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Most companies today have payroll software of some sort for automating the generation of staff wages and salaries. Before the processing of pay, however, a very laborious and error prone set of manual activities transpire to arrive at the basic data on which the payroll software processes employee payments. Timeware’s Employee Time and Attendance Tracking System provides the solution to this cumbersome activity.

Timeware provides time recording solutions for a wide range of market sectors, from the simplest of timekeeping requirements To sites with more complex working parameters.

The emphasis is on ease of use, quality and value for money. The Timeware Time & Attendance System checks employee lateness, absenteeism, overtime claims etc, and computes Daily, Weekly or Monthly hours worked without manual intervention.

Some of the benefits that can be guaranteed from implementation of our solutions include the following:

  •     Full details of Employees Attendance, Absences, Lateness and Early Departures
  •     Prevention of Overtime Fraud, Ghost Names and Identity Theft
  •     Improved Productivity and Workplace Discipline
  •     Payroll Processing
  •     Leave Calculations and Entitlements


  •     Generate historical reports over many time periods allowing you to calculate grand totals with ease
  •     Change the appearance of your reports by using the in-built appearance settings
  •     Export your reports to many formats including excel, PDF and HTML for publishing on your corporate internet/intranet sites
  •     Instant E-mails to colleagues and management.
  •     Produce charts and graphs from employee data at the click of a button
  •     Merge employee information with other formats
  •     Design your own reports with timeware report designer

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