Massive advancements in digital data storage and communications over the last decade have brought benefits to CCTV that were previously impossible to imagine: – Systems that seek in the dark, systems that record at high resolution directly on to Hard Disk, and systems that can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Our range of products combine these technological innovations to offer outstanding performance, ease of installation, and moreover, ease of use.

Standard features include:

  •     Remote viewing from a PC anywhere in the world.
  •     Ability to record up to16 cameras independently.
  •     Digital storage and retrieval of recordings .
  •     Access via LAN or WAN.
  •     Plug  & Play Technology.

You can now buy our products online

Place an order online and one of our managers will contact you to clear up the details. Our response time is 15-30 mins from the time the orders is placed.

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