Biometric Identification

We rely on Keys, Cards, Passwords and  PINS to Verify  the  identity of individuals in almost every area of life. Yet these can  easily be copied or learnt, and the incidence of fraud resulting from the use of another person’s access code is increasing rapidly.

Identity theft in the United States alone cost businesses and consumers some $50 billion in 2004, according to a Federal Trade Commission report and involved over 9million victims.The solution lies with techniques which automatically measure an individual’s physical attributes – Biometrics With Biometrics, a fingerprint can be checked against that of the authorized person.

Only if the fingerprint belongs to the authorized person will access be granted or the identity verified

Timeware provides biometric solutions for Access Control, Time & Attendance and Computer Access, among others.
We can design and install customised biometric solutions for a wide range of applications that can help improve security and minimise loss for your organization.

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