Asset Tracking

Do You Know Where all your Assets are, Right now?
Perhaps you have computers, Laboratory equipment, projectors, and other portable and moveable assets, not to mention the valuable often irreplaceable and confidential information used in electronic data and information technology.

All assets are vulnerable to theft within your premises every day, particularly during normal working hours when intruder alarm systems are inactive. Our system has been designed to combat theft and create totally secure environments for your assets. It does this by constantly monitoring the location of assets within your premises 24 hours a day.

It gives you the choice to determine exactly when, where and with whom an asset is permitted to move. When an asset is moved beyond its pre- determined boundary, an alarm will alert you of the breach of security which has occurred.

Timeware uses the Wavetrend Asset Detection and Location System, a world leading technology that offers real time visibility of your assets within virtually any environment, and is available in a comprehensive range of ergonomically designed active tags, readers and antenna, for the protection of your valuable assets.

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