Access Control

Individuals are required to confirm their identify for many purposes, from access to premises and verifying identify and eligibility within a banking environment to accessing a secure network.

Securing your facility means more than just controlling access. It’s knowing where people are as they come and go. Our System combines Access Control with the ability to automatically monitor the movement of people throughout your facility. Members of staff, visitors etc. may be issued access cards Which they can present to a reader at an entrance or exit to enable them to proceed. Alternatively,they may be issued with a PIN code that they must enter into a keypad at the entrance or exit.The use of Biometric readers is a further option.

The System provides a fast and effective means of controlling and tracking personnel movements in and out of secure areas.

Access can be controlled according to responsibility,staff/guest status, membership level etc. Access can also be restricted according to the time of day,the day of the week, and whether it’s a workday or holiday etc.

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