Model: UF100PLUS

2.8″ TFT Touch Screen Face and Fingerprint Time Attendance with WiFi function

General Specifications:

◆2.8″ TFT LCD
◆Face Capacity: 300
◆Fingerprint Capacity: 1000
◆Log Capacity: 100,000
◆Communication: USB Host, TCP/IP, WiFi
◆Standard Functions: DST, Self Service Query, T9 Input, Schedule Bell, SSR Report
◆Optional Functions: ID/MF module
Face and Fingerprint Time Attendance Device with high configuration and at high performance/price rate.


UF100PLUS is a face & fingerprint time attendance, with 1000 finger-print, 200 face and 100,000 log capacity. It can support multiple verification methods, including face, fingerprint, password, RFID and combination between them. With the latest hardware platform, Face and Finger algorithm, it offers brand new , UI and user-friendly operation interface to provide good user experience. It supports WiFi by factory default. Administrator can download and check data wirelessly. Besides, it also comes with TCP/IP and USB ports, giving you more communication options.
◆Multiple Verification Methods: Face, Fingerprint, Password, RFID(Optional)
◆User-friendly Operation Interface: 2.8″ TFT Screen and 16 keyboards
◆Multiple Communication: TCP/IP, WiFi, Cloud Connection(Optional)
◆Fast Responding Speed: Less than 1S verification speed
◆International languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, etc.

Additional information


2.8″ TFT LCD

Face Capacity

300 pcs

Fingerprint Capacity

1000 pcs

RFID Capacity

1000 pcs (Optional)

Logs Capacity



ZKFinger VX10.0 & ZKFace VX7.0


USB Host, TCP/IP, WiFi

Standard Functions

T9 Input, Photo ID, SSR report, Schedule Bell, Weather Display, Multi-verification

Optional Function

ID/MF module, Web Server

Operating Temperature

0 ℃ to 45 ℃ (-5 °F to 122 °F)

Operating Humidity

20% to 80%

Power Supply

DC 5V 1A, UPS (Optional)


168mm * 149mm * 33mm

Net Weight

About 0.72KG